Bill is a musician and a Buddhist.  He lives in San Diego, CA, and generally communicates via Twitter.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, Bill, I ran across you by accident in following a chain of Shi Sheng-Yen, a couple of whose book I ow have on order from the library.

    Your blog seems quite fine, so it was a pleasure to drop in.


    • David, sorry it has taken a long time to respond. You could not do better than Master Sheng Yen, nor Dharma Drum Mountain generally. I am a student of his Dharma heir, Gilbert Gutierrez, and I recently spent a few weeks there in Pine Bush, NY with Guo Yuan Fashi, one of his monastic Dharma heirs. You can’t go wrong with Dharma Drum. Any chance you can practice there, and get direct instruction, would be very worthwhile. Best thing I’ve ever done, for sure.

  2. Bill,

    Thanks for the leads. Every little bit helps. Because one side of my family are African, I think that my next step is going to be with one of the African families of drums — about which I know nothing. Oriental traditions of meditation quite apart, I’m fascinated by the jungle telegraph, the talking drums used for long distance communication before the Europeans arrived and busted everything up (with a small assist from smallpox). Shannon’s information theory has played important parts in my life over the past fifty years, so I’m going g to be interested to see what the African drums have to tell me about it.


    • David, I’m again sorry to have taken so long with a response. So interesting you talk about African drums. I was very fortunate to spend nine months in Dakar, Senegal. While there, my ex and I were invited to Touba for the yearly pilgrimage, and it is one of the great memories in my life to remember how she danced with a number of other people to a group of drummers there. All this is still there. Europeans definitely busted a lot up but things were not definitively broken as far as I see it. One of the great things about Dakar which I imagine is somewhat common to other cities there was that a person would just walk somewhere and hear, from a house or occasionally a passing bus, a group of drummers. All this is still very real and still alive. I wish I could say I had all kinds of good contacts for you there, but I don’t. What I will say is that having something concrete to DO while there, and being able to stay more than a short time, probably is a good bet.

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